About PartsLogix

PartsLogix is a high performance eCommerce solution specifically tailored for the automotive aftermarket. The PartsLogix system was originally developed in 2000 and has seen many updates and revisions over the past decade to yield a robust yet easy-to-use system. Combining and satisfying requirements from retailers, distributors and manufacturers, the PartsLogix system offers a turn-key solution to launching a branded website that is customized to your needs. PartsLogix offers multiple modules to fit your specific needs, application management, parts mappings, live updates to content, media management and more.

The PartsLogix creators were some of the first to help aftermarket parts manufacturers and retailers into the digital world by creating websites for them. Over the years, the PartsLogix system has progressed from single one-off websites, to a complete online website and order management and maintenance solution. PartsLogix has the capability of being tied into PIES and ACES data mappings standards offered by AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association).

With the ever growing Internet and “need it now” mentality of online shoppers, having up-to-date data is no longer just an option, it is a necessity. Spending the time and money to keep your website and data current is a small price to pay when having out of date information can lead to lost sales and customers.

PartsLogix... Revving up your website for the future.

PartsLogix Features

  • PartsLogix requires no HTML/CSS or any other coding experience
  • PartsLogix is developed and maintained by idcubed.com, inc.
  • Social Netork Integration
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Access to latest AAIA industry standard data
    • Map products to PIES data format
    • Map applications to ACES data format
  • Search Engine Optimized websites